City of St. Marys West Virginia

St. Marys Volunteer Fire Department

Location:   209 Clay Street
                   P.O. Box 215 

                   St. Marys, WV 26170





The St. Marys Volunteer Fire Department Inc. (SMVFD) provides fire protection and first responder services for the City of St. Marys and a major portion of rural Pleasants County. They respond to emergecies including fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous material incidents, and back up medical assistance to the Pleasants County Emergency Medical Service. The SMVFD is an organization of volunteers who are committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention, education and fire service.  


Current Officers/Members of the SMVFD



Bob Maston: Chief

Danny DeMoss: Asst.  Chief/EMR

John Bradfield: Asst. Chief

Mark Hadley: Asst. Chief

Tony Knight: Lieutenant

Seth Worstell: Lieutenant

Steve Knight: Safety Officer/EMT

Terry Knight: Safety Officer

Terry Hadley: Safety Officer 

Lee Ogdin: Firefighter/EMR

Jeff Lynch: Firefighter/EMR

Stephen Kester: Firefighter

Adam Dennis: Firefighter

John Strimer: Firefighter

Brent Clark: Firefighter

Joseph Dennis: Firefighter

Richard Davis: Firefighter

Chris Simonton: Firefighter

Craig Bayless: Firefighter/EMR

Glen Westbrook: Firefighter/EMT

Dwaine Barnes: Firefighter/EMT

Gary Little: Firefighter

Eric Hamilton: Firefighter

Rory Marant: Firefighter/EMT

Jared Nichols: Firefighter/EMT

Wesley Bayless: Firefighter

Clayton Steele: Firefighter/EMT

Kirby Seese: Firefighter

Greg Davis: Firefighter

Mike Gray: Firefighter/EMT

Emily Hadley: Firefighter

Anthony Wince: Firefighter in Training





In case of emergency, please dial 911.

Any non-emergency questions or information for the Fire Department, please call (304) 684-7122 and leave a message.