City of St. Marys West Virginia


​Anyone operating or planning to operate a business within the city limits is required to obtain a City License (See Ordinance 753.01 License Required). The amount due for licensing depends on the type of business you plan to operate. Please refer to the City License Application form to determine the required License Tax due.

An additional requirement for any business conducted within the city limits is Business & Occupational Tax (See Ordinance 757.02 Imposition of Privilege Tax). The rate of taxation and frequency of tax payment depends on the type of business conducted. Please refer to the Business & Occupation Tax forms to determine the required Privilege Tax due.

Online payments can be made at
Any credit/debit card payments made online or in person will incur a $1.00 + 2.2% convenience fee.

Additional questions can be directed to the Utility Billing Clerk at 304-684-2401.


City Of St. Marys Ordinances can be found at