City of St. Marys West Virginia

Message from the Chief

‚ÄčAs the Chief of Police for the City of St. Marys, I pledge to the citizens, my commitment to excellence.

As the Chief of Police for the City of St. Marys, I pledge to the officers, my commitment to excellence.

I will maintain and continue to build on the professionalism and commitment of those that preceded me in the Office of Chief of Police, and for those officers that preceded me as a member of the St. Marys Police.

Many proud men have come and gone as members of this division, and they are never to be forgotten for the wonderful work they have done for the citizens, and for the professionalism that is seen by the St. Marys Police.

We as a team at the St. Marys Police, will continue to Serve & Protect the citizens in a prudent, prompt, and professional manner, while exercising an ethical and disciplined approach to all we do.

I will see that the officers under my command receive the required and necessary training to make them all, the best trained and the best prepared officers for what they may face in the dangerous duties they carry out on a daily basis.

I will see that we continue & mantain our new commitment in returning to our citizens, our involvement with them, as we build and everlasting relationship. I will get to know you and you will get to know me, as we truly serve your needs and concerns, as a citizen in the City of St. Marys.

To the Citizens of St. Marys & the Members of the St. Marys Plice, it is my desire to exceed your expectations.